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Talking nunsense

Kathy has spoken about with the fact that she spent the past 12 months extremely unwell and hasn’t been working as a result. She did an interview with Mark Lamarr and Jo Brand on Radio 2 and talked about catching the Clostridium difficle “superbug” while in hospital for an operation on her abdomen.

Disturbingly, she apparently went through no less than three “near-death experiences” during the course of the year, but jokingly added that “I didn’t see any white light or nuns or anything.” The C.difficile bacteria occur naturally in the body but an infection – on the increase in hospitals in recent years – can result in massive overgrowth which causes bloating, constipation, and diarrhea with abdominal pain. Thousands die each year as a result.

Fortunately Kathy appears to have recovered, although it took nearly a year to do so.