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    Kathy goes a stage beyond

    The Evening Standard If I had been around 100 years ago, I would have been a male impersonator in the music halls, says Kathy Burke. Instead, the 21st century’s answer to Vesta Tilley has strutted her trousered stuff as the smaller, but stroppier, half of that wonderfully dopey duo Kevin and Perry for the delectation of the telly-watching nation. “It’s a great liberation for a woman to play a man’s role: I’ve been asked to play a couple of blokes on telly since Perry, and I was quite flattered, really. I said no because physically it’s quite painful, know what I mean?” she adds, miming an excruciating clamp-down in the…

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    Carlton preview of Kevin & Perry Go Large

    Carlton Preview Preview: Welcome to Preview Kathy, can you tell us about the film? Kathy Burke: It’s basically about Kevin and Perry wanting to go to Ibiza, where the DJs are and where everyone “gives it large”. They want to be DJs so they think Ibiza is the place for them. It’s also got lots of girls? Lots of girls for them to ogle at! Is it difficult making a film length version as opposed to the series? Well the only thing I was concerned about was, would it work? It’s okay doing a five-ten minute sketch, would it last and work over an hour. I was just worried that…

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    Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke bring everyone’s favourite angst-ridden teenagers to the big screen

    Heat Harry Enfield has been fitted with an electronic penis for his role as Kevin the teenager in Kevin And Perry – The Movie, currently shooting in London and Ibiza. Enfield has described the film variously as an “English Wayne’s World” or “A rites-of-passage story, in an international setting.” It sees Enfield and co-star Kathy Burke as the alienated, virginal teenage 16-year-olds flying to the Balearic dance capital to get laid and become “top mixmaster DJs”. Rhys Ifans. Spike from Notting Hill, plays the pair’s DJ hero, the rabidly egotistical Eyeball Paul. A key prop in the movie is the electronic device which simulates the erections that constantly pop up…

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