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    Gone in 60 Seconds

    Only just noticed a “60-second interview” with Kathy in the Metro – London’s free newspaper – from earlier this month. Don’t know what they call it the 60-second interview: it obviously took far longer than that and takes longer than that to read too. Still, I’ve added it plus an earlier one from 2002 that I found at the same time to the Media section. Enjoy. Also learnt that Kathy apparently turned down a role in a Harry Potter film. I wonder which role. Possibly Mrs Weasley. Although another great British actress – Julie Walters – plays her, and I’d always imagined her as the first choice for the role. Who knows?

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    Beautiful things: Kathy Burke and Jonathan Harvey

    The Independent It’s official. Kathy Burke is a national treasure. Stephen Fry confirmed as much in his appearance last week on BBC2’s Room 101. Wishing to condemn Room 101 to Room 101, he proposed an alternative repository for everything fluffy in life: Room Lovely. The very first thing he suggested placing in Room Lovely was Kathy Burke. “She’s just great,” Fry rhapsodised. “She’s got everything that’s great about being great. She’s incredibly clever and charming – she writes brilliant plays as well as being a wonderful actress and extremely amusing. If she appears on television or in a film, we immediately think ‘oh great’. And she’s gutsy. If I was a woman, she’d be…

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    Kathy goes a stage beyond

    The Evening Standard If I had been around 100 years ago, I would have been a male impersonator in the music halls, says Kathy Burke. Instead, the 21st century’s answer to Vesta Tilley has strutted her trousered stuff as the smaller, but stroppier, half of that wonderfully dopey duo Kevin and Perry for the delectation of the telly-watching nation. “It’s a great liberation for a woman to play a man’s role: I’ve been asked to play a couple of blokes on telly since Perry, and I was quite flattered, really. I said no because physically it’s quite painful, know what I mean?” she adds, miming an excruciating clamp-down in the…