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    Dawn of the Dead

    The first episode of Kathy's new podcast is out featuring comedy legend Dawn French. It is, as you would hope and expect, filthy fun. Dawn explains who she would drag with her into the afterlife and what she would leave of herself to the nation to rub for luck.

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    Wakey wakey! Kath’s dying to be heard

    It was only a matter of time: Kathy’s doing a podcast. It’s called Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake and at the moment only the one-minute intro is available but we do have official blurb: If you could plan your perfect death, what would you do? If you were getting married you’d consult a wedding planner, who takes you through everything from what music you’re walking into, what flowers to buy and who you’re going to invite. Now change the word “wedding” to “funeral”… Kathy Burke is the host of the brand new podcast, ‘Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake’, where she chats to her famous friends about…

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    French tickler

    Kathy consistently pops up in various pointless newspaper or magazine chart rundowns voted by readers, or, more often than not, desperate features editors. And in a classic piece of manipulation, the Radio Times “commissioned a poll” which showed that Our Kath was the third “funniest woman of all time”, beaten only by Dawn French and Victoria Wood respectively. The reason why it is being pointed out this time is the same reason the poll was “commissioned” in the first place: because Dawn French has a new TV series called Girls Who Do Comedy, on BBC1 on Sundays at 10.15pm, which features Dawn French interviewing various female comedians in an effort to… well, it’s…

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    Plenty Moyet to come

    You can’t accuse Kathy Burke of being afraid of hard work. The God of Hell finished earlier this month, and she’s already signed up for another directing stint. Smaller, written by TV writer Carmel Morgan (Coronation St, Brookside, Shameless), will star comic legend Dawn French alongside songstress and friend Alison Moyet, and will open in Milton Keynes on 20 February. From then it will go to Brighton, Birmingham and then settle in for a six-week run at the Lyric Theatre in London (on Shaftesbury Avenue). All details and links below. Smaller is a musical play and tells the story of Bernice Clulow (Dawn French), a teacher and the life and soul of the staff room,…