Return to the big screen

There’s been a fair amount of press in the past week about Kathy’s return to the big screen. She will be playing the role of Connie Sachs, a key supporting role in the spy book Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy which is currently being filmed.

Also starring is old friend and collaborator Gary Oldman – who most likely persuaded Kathy to take the part – Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, and others. According to one press report, whose source appears to be the film’s executive producer, Kathy has called the part “blinding”.

The character of Connie Sachs is an eccentric alcoholic spinster who both mothers and flirts with the MI6 agents. She’s a Soviet specialist and comes out of retirement in Tinker, Tailor to help save the career of main character George Smiley. You have to say, it does sound like a great role for Kathy Burke.

Anyway, great news for Kathy fans to see her dipping her toe back in acting – something that she said recently she was only planning to be away from for a few years, but somehow got extended into a decade.