Off your trolley

Kathy is the main voiceover on a Tesco ad at the moment which is being heavily played on ITV. She stars as Carrie the shopping trolley [geddit?] who warns the other shopping trolleys that Tesco is now offering a credit card. The idea is that somehow that the trolleys should fear for their jobs, although that logic only stands up to about two seconds scrutiny, but hey in ad world… David Jason and Penelope Keith voiceover two other trollies but our Kath is the lead.

There’s another two in the £10 million campaign apparently. One about the supermarket’s personal loans and the other covering its car insurance services. It won’t be a huge CV winner but then Tesco does pay exceedingly well, or is that another ad campaign? Dudley Moore got £1 million all those years ago when he was looking for a chicken and kept coming across other super products that Tesco coincidentally sold.

Anyway, if you really, desperately want to see the ad, here it is on YouTube.