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French tickler

Kathy consistently pops up in various pointless newspaper or magazine chart rundowns voted by readers, or, more often than not, desperate features editors. And in a classic piece of manipulation, the Radio Times “commissioned a poll” which showed that Our Kath was the third “funniest woman of all time”, beaten only by Dawn French and Victoria Wood respectively.

The reason why it is being pointed out this time is the same reason the poll was “commissioned” in the first place: because Dawn French has a new TV series called Girls Who Do Comedy, on BBC1 on Sundays at 10.15pm, which features Dawn French interviewing various female comedians in an effort to… well, it’s not entirely certain, but it is funny and features celebrities so it’s a go-er.

Kathy Burke features and you can see clips of her talking with Dawn French on the BBC’s website to the programme at You will also be able to see some of the interviews in full later. Kathy Burke’s full interview is due to be broadcast Wednesday 4 October 10.00pm on BBC4. You see a supercut of the series on YouTube below.