Star of stage and screen, Our Kaff’s career took off when she appeared in a series of great films in which she gave outstanding performances – most notably Nil by Mouth. She explained years later that she never really wanted to be a film actor because she found the sitting around boring. She quit acting in 2004, only occasionally popping back up on the small screen since. But she left behind a series of terrific characters.

Once Upon A Time In The Midlands (2002)
Director: Shane Meadows

Jimmy, a small time crook, leaves Glasgow and heads back to Nottingham with the idea of winning back his girlfriend Shirley after abandoning her years earlier… Shirley’s current boyfriend, Dek, has no intention of letting her go and so a battle of wills ensues… More

Anita and Me (2002)
“Deidre Rutter”
Director: Metin Huseyin

Meena is a twelve-year-old living in the Midlands in 1972 with her Indian parents. They believe that by coming to England Meena has the chance of a better life but when Anita Rutter and her family arrive on the scene things start to change rapidly… Buy

The Martins (2001)
“Angie Martin”
Director: Tony Grounds

Robert, who is out of work, lives with his long-suffering wife, pregnant daughter and accident-prone son. They are the family from hell but Robert dreams of winning a dream holiday for his family. When he fails he catches up with the elderly winners and steals their tickets… Buy

Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)
Director: Ed Bye

Kevin is a virgin and will do anything to lose his virginity while his friends help him every step of the way. Features a dance music sound track… Buy

Love, Honour and Obey (2000)
Director: Dominic Anciano

Jonny has dreams of leaving his job as a courier by getting in with the toughest gang in North London… Buy

This Year’s Love (1999)
Director: David Kane

Hannah and Danny’s marriage crashes around their ears at their reception. The repercussions spread out to touch the lives of four other thirtysomethings living in Camden, London, Cameron an artist, cleaner and pub singer Mary, single mother Sophie and Liam, a struggling magazine seller. Buy

Elizabeth (1998)
“Mary Tudor”
Director: Shekhar Kapur

When Catholic Queen Mary dies the succession goes to Elizabeth. The new queen finds herself surrounded by advisors, some supportive but some plotting to restore the Catholic line by almost any means… Buy

Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)
Director: Pat O’Connor

The life and times of the Mundy family, who live in Donegal in the 1930s. Their close-knit existence is threatened by the arrival of Welshman Garry Evans who is travelling to Spain to fight for Franco. Website | Buy

Nil by Mouth (1997)
Director: Gary Oldman

A gritty look at a dysfunctional family suffering alcohol and drug abuse in South East London. Gary Oldman’s directorial debut is a searing, affecting film that leaves a lasting impression. Website | Buy

Work Experience (1989)
Director: James Hendrie

Eat the Rich (1987)
Director: Peter Richardson

Alex is a disgruntled waitress at an exclusive restaurant. Forced to deal with the contempt and disgust of the upper class, she and her cohorts go on a rampage. Meanwhile, inept anarchists plot to derail the prime-minister-to-be’s campaign.

Walker (1987)
“Annie Mae”
Director: Alex Cox

William Walker and his mercenary corps enter Nicaragua in the middle of the 19th century in order to install a new government by a coup d’etat. All is being financed by an American multi-millionaire who has his own interest in this country.

Straight to Hell (1987)
Director: Alex Cox

A gang of bank robbers go to the desert to hide out. They find their way to a surreal town full of cowboys who accept them once they’ve killed a couple of people. Then a mysterious man named Dade arrives…

Sid and Nancy (1986)
“Brenda Winczor”
Director: Alex Cox

The disturbing true story of Sid Vicious of the punk band ‘The Sex Pistols’, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Together they form a self-destructive relationship which leads them both to an early and violent death. Buy

Sacred Hearts (1985)
Director: Barbara Rennie

Scrubbers (1983)
Director: Mai Zetterling

Two girls escape from an open borstal – Annetta to visit her baby daughter, and Carol who hopes to be recaptured and sent to a closed borstal where her girlfriend Doreen is being held…