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Dawn of the Dead

Kathy’s new podcast Where There’s a Will There’s a Wake has officially kicked off and the first episode stars comedy legend Dawn French.

It wasn’t entirely clear how things were going to work but now it’s clear the show is a kind of demented Desert Island Discs where guests, prompted by Kath, get to run through how they liked to go (die), what kind of funeral they’d have, what and where the wake would be, what happens with the will and a light dash of assorted spiritual questions.

Fortunately what could be a heavy topic was promptly bounced up and down on by the Vicar of Dibley who shoved her delightfully psychotic and ego-maniacal musings through a heavy fog of expletives to listeners. The highlight: the gold, perspex and highly personal touchstone she will leave as a gift to visitors to Cornwall on the Tamar bridge. It’s worth listening to.

And if you’re a fan of Kathy’s and have an amusing or appalling funeral or death story, the podcast is doing a show add-on called Six Feet Under where listeners’ stories will be read by, presumably, Kath. So if you have something fun, email:

Kudos incidentally to whoever in the podcast team decided to go all out and get the full podcast name dotcom address:

The podcast is available on all the main podcast apps.