What's going on in the life and career of Kathy Burke

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    Small, er, correction

    Kathy’s latest play, Smaller, is not being staged at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith from 28 March to 6 May, as was previous stated on this site. It is in fact at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. Their booking number is 0870 145 1165, or you can buy tickets online here. Since it was the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith that was good enough to point this out, it seems only fair to alert readers that the Lyric will be staging a 21st century version of Homer’s classic tale The Odyssey, complete with live music and puppetry, between now and 1 April; and then “music pandemonium” The Wolves in the Walls from 12 to 29…

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    Who? What? Why? When? You!

    Kathy has been added to this year’s addition of Who’s Who. To appear in the book you must be a person of “distinction and influence”. Which is nice. Kathy was one of 1,000 new entrants this year including Dame Kelly Holmes, who won two golds for Britain in the Athens Olympics, and Frank Skinner who will apparently be listed as a comedian. Once in, you stay in Who’s Who until you die, at which point you get a place in Who Was Who.

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    Plenty Moyet to come

    You can’t accuse Kathy Burke of being afraid of hard work. The God of Hell finished earlier this month, and she’s already signed up for another directing stint. Smaller, written by TV writer Carmel Morgan (Coronation St, Brookside, Shameless), will star comic legend Dawn French alongside songstress and friend Alison Moyet, and will open in Milton Keynes on 20 February. From then it will go to Brighton, Birmingham and then settle in for a six-week run at the Lyric Theatre in London (on Shaftesbury Avenue). All details and links below. Smaller is a musical play and tells the story of Bernice Clulow (Dawn French), a teacher and the life and soul of the staff room,…

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    Bloody hell

    The God of Hell press reviews have come in and well… there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that no one likes it. The Telegraph has been the most forthright, calling it a “dismayingly glib piece of right-on, left-wing paranoia”. Most of the others have found the satire a bit, well, obvious. The Stage says: “as is often the case with those who rail against the establishment, he goes a bit too far”. And so on and so forth. The good news is that the “he” in the last quote refers to the writer, well-known US playwright Sam Shepard. All the reviews just don’t like the play. However, they are…

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    Opening the gates to Hell

    Thursday was the opening night of Kathy’s new play. She’s directing the European premiere of Sam Shepard’s The God of Hell, a strong criticism of the current Republican administration in power in the US. It’s at the Donmar Theatre, from 20 October to 3 December. Box Office: 0870 060 6624. To tie in with it, she’s been interviewed in The Observer today. Quite a long piece. And interesting in that Kathy talks about going to see a therapist, as well as how deals with the job, works with people, why she dislike acting (again) and other stuff. I’ve stuck it in the Media section. No reviews as yet.

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    Gone in 60 Seconds

    Only just noticed a “60-second interview” with Kathy in the Metro – London’s free newspaper – from earlier this month. Don’t know what they call it the 60-second interview: it obviously took far longer than that and takes longer than that to read too. Still, I’ve added it plus an earlier one from 2002 that I found at the same time to the Media section. Enjoy. Also learnt that Kathy apparently turned down a role in a Harry Potter film. I wonder which role. Possibly Mrs Weasley. Although another great British actress – Julie Walters – plays her, and I’d always imagined her as the first choice for the role. Who knows?

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    Wossy for tea and TV

    Kathy appeared on Jonathan Ross’ Radio 2 Saturday show yesterday, talking about The Quare Fellow, tea, her lodger Tom, life in general and why she prefers working on TV than in film. You can listen to it here, at least until 11 June, as this is a link to the most recent show rather than a permanent link. Soon as the BBC sticks up a permanent link, it’ll put it in the Media section.

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    Shepard’s delight

    The Quare Fellow has opened and is in the middle of its run. It’s got positive reviews in the FT, The Guardian and The Stage. Meanwhile, Kathy’s next play has been announced. She’ll be directing the European premiere of Sam Shepard’s The God Of Hell at the Donmar Warehouse, Covent Garden, between 20 October and 3 December. The black comedy, described by Shepard as “a take-off on Republican fascism”, follows dairy farmers Frank and Emma, who led an uneventful life until a mysterious man starts hiding in their basement and a government official knocks at their door. Sam Shepard has written 45 plays (11 of which have won Obie Awards) including True West, Fool for Love and A Lie of the Mind (Donmar)…

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    Behan on your bike

    Some more details on the upcoming re-run of The Quare Fellow at The Tricycle in Kilburn, courtesy of the Oxford Stage Company. Running from 25 May to 2 July, as previously mentioned. Directed by Kathy, obviously. Original music by ex-Pogues guitarist Philip Chevron. Actors are (big cast): Sean Gallagher (TV’s Linda Green), Sean Campion (Stones in his Pockets), Jason Kavanagh (Brookside), Kieran Cunningham (Speed the Plow at Contact), Tony Rohr (TV’s The Lakes and The Weir), David Ganly (John Bull’s Other Island), Noel McAlley, Ciaran McIntyre (Dancing at Lughnasa – UK tour), Nick Danan (This Lime Tree Bower, Belgrade Theatre Coventry), Matthew Dunphy (The Lieutenant of Inishmore), Gary Lilburn (The Weir at the Royal Court), Patrick Lynch (Juno & the Paycock, Abbey Theatre Dublin), Paul Lloyd (The Cripple of Inishmaan at Leicester Haymarket), Christopher Logan (professional debut), Gerard Rooney (Rough Beginnings at Lyric Theatre Belfast), Jay Simpson (Mother Clap’s Molly House at the…

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    Second run on Tricycle

    Kathy’s production of Behan’s The Quare Fellow is to get a second run at the Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn, London. She took the classic play about prison on a UK tour between February and May last year to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Now, a year on, it’s back at the Tricycle from 25 May to 2 July. Tickets will be on sale from midnight tonight.