What's going on in the life and career of Kathy Burke

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    On Desert Island Discs

    Kathy appeared this morning on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs – one British institution meeting another. The radio show is a long-time favourite mostly because of its clever format: guests are asked to select eight records that they would take with them to a desert island, and those songs are used to gain insight into who they are and where they come from (they are also allowed a luxury item and a book). As ever, Kathy spoke honestly and movingly about her life and her experiences, including making peace with her alcoholic Dad before he died, her contentedness in living a single life, the pleasure of winning Best Actress at…

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    Getting the Horne

    The BBC has put out a press release about Horne and Corden, calling it “most successful first series of a comedy on BBC Three”. The series attracted an average of 929,000 viewers – impressive but plenty of critics have been mean enough to point out that the audience dropped off rapidly, with nearly 1.4 million watching the first episode but less than half that – 675,000 – watching the last. The BBC feels it has a success on its hands (talks are “underway” for a second series) but the critics have been pretty much universally negative calling it crude and unfunny.

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    New gig

    Kathy has been named as the director for a new BBC comedy sketch series with the working title Horne And Corden Have Come. According to a press release, the BBC Three show is “designed as a traditional comedy entertainment show in the style of Morecambe and Wise”. It will be consist of new comedy characters as well as performances in front of a live studio audience. The production company, Tiger Aspect, has a few sparse details about the series on its website. A fan site for one of the two stars – James Corden – has a lot more. And the BBC’s Newsbeat has an interview with the two about it. Of working with Kathy, they…

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    Talking nunsense

    Kathy has spoken about with the fact that she spent the past 12 months extremely unwell and hasn’t been working as a result. She did an interview with Mark Lamarr and Jo Brand on Radio 2 and talked about catching the Clostridium difficle “superbug” while in hospital for an operation on her abdomen. Disturbingly, she apparently went through no less than three “near-death experiences” during the course of the year, but jokingly added that “I didn’t see any white light or nuns or anything.” The C.difficile bacteria occur naturally in the body but an infection – on the increase in hospitals in recent years – can result in massive overgrowth…

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    Dying for it – literally?

    According to The Sun newspaper, Kathy was taken to hospital yesterday “with a mystery illness after collapsing with crippling stomach pains”. Despite the wisdom of taking any Sun story with a pinch of salt, it has since turned out that Kathy has already been replaced as director for a play opening at the Almeida Theatre in March. In fact, the Almeida put out a barely noticed press release [Word doc] on 29 January that read: “Anna Mackmin will take over from Kathy Burke to direct the Almeida’s latest commission Dying For It – Moira Buffini’s new free adaptation of Nikolai Erdman’s satirical comedy The Suicide. Kathy Burke has unfortunately had to withdraw from the production at short…

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    Death by satire

    Kathy will direct Dying For It, Moira Buffini’s new free adaptation of Nikolai Erdman’s satirical comedy The Suicide from 15 March until 28 April 2007 at the Almeida Theatre in Islington, London. The classic comedy was banned by Stalin before a single performance, and this “inspired by” verison centres on Semyon, unemployed, living in the hallway and watching his wife Masha slave all the hours God sends. When his last hope to earn money and gain self-respect disappears, he decides to take his own life. Word gets out and Semyon finds himself inundated with visitors begging him to die on their behalf. On the night he is to shoot himself they hold a…

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    French tickler

    Kathy consistently pops up in various pointless newspaper or magazine chart rundowns voted by readers, or, more often than not, desperate features editors. And in a classic piece of manipulation, the Radio Times “commissioned a poll” which showed that Our Kath was the third “funniest woman of all time”, beaten only by Dawn French and Victoria Wood respectively. The reason why it is being pointed out this time is the same reason the poll was “commissioned” in the first place: because Dawn French has a new TV series called Girls Who Do Comedy, on BBC1 on Sundays at 10.15pm, which features Dawn French interviewing various female comedians in an effort to… well, it’s…

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    (Not) Getting smaller

    Well, the reviews for Smaller are in (theatre of course doesn’t even exist outside of London, according to the media) – and it’s not good news. People don’t like it. The kindest has been three stars out of five; the cruelest one star. The FT gave it two stars but savaged it, starting with the line: “As dismal evenings in the theatre go, Smaller is not offensive – merely slow, obvious and banal.” The general feeling is that the writer – TV soap author Carmel Morgan – has extended a particularly traumatic episode into a full play. It left quite a few critics depressed – “remorselessly bleak” said The Telegraph. And yet, as ever, everyone praises Kathy Burke as director. It…