Bloody hell

The God of Hell press reviews have come in and well… there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that no one likes it. The Telegraph has been the most forthright, calling it a “dismayingly glib piece of right-on, left-wing paranoia”. Most of the others have found the satire a bit, well, obvious. The Stage says: “as is often the case with those who rail against the establishment, he goes a bit too far”. And so on and so forth.

The good news is that the “he” in the last quote refers to the writer, well-known US playwright Sam Shepard. All the reviews just don’t like the play. However, they are all full of praise for Kathy’s direction. A “superbly acted production” according to Bloomberg; the Herald says Kathy gives the play “venomous truth”; even the scathing Telegraph relents “mind you, those who like this sort of tosh won’t find it much better staged than it is here”.

So there you go. I have decided that rather than simply include links to reviews, I would add them to this site with a link in the page itself. As such you can read all the reviews for The God of Hell on the Directing page by clicking here.