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    Holding Norton

    Kathy will be directing a TV series based on chatshow supremo Graham Norton’s novel Holding, a murder mystery laced with dark comedy. The four-part series will be for ITV and filmed in West Cork, Ireland, this summer. It will star Game of Thrones actor Conleth Hill who is best know for his role as Varys in Game of Thrones but who has won two Laurence Olivier Awards and got two Tony nominations for his other work.  

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    An evening with…

    Kathy is going to do a “an evening with” at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in London on 24 May. She’ll be interviewed by the recent winner of Celebrity Master Chef Riyadh Khalaf for 90 minutes in what is billed as “an up close and personal interview about her life and career.” Kathy quote: “I’m really looking forward to a good old natter with Riyadh in front of (hopefully) more than six people.” The event will be socially distanced because, you know, COVID.

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    Steeling the Turbine

    Kathy Burke will direct one-woman show Honest Amy at the Turbine Theatre (inside the old Battersea Power Station) from March to April next year. The self-deprecating and hilariously honest confessional is written and performed by Amy Booth-Steel and was a success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year – which Kathy also directed. It will run at the Turbine from March 24 to April 11, closing out the season. You can buy tickets online. Here’s the description of the show from the Turbine Theater’s website: Remember when I got cancer and had a breakdown in Tesco’s? Then literally went mental and posted some songs on Twitter? When anxiety was at…

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    Co-directing Alone

    Kathy Burke will co-direct, and take on tour, a new play by Sally Abbott with Scott Graham, as part of the 25th anniversary of the Frantic Assembly theatre company. The world premiere of I Think We Are Alone will run from February 3, 2020 to May 16, visiting 11 theatres across the UK including the Theatre Royal Stratford East, the Lowry in Salford, Nuffield Southampton, Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud and Leicester Curve. The company’s website describes it as “a delicate and uplifting play about our fragility, resilience and our need for love and forgiveness.” As for the story… Two sisters are estranged and bicker over…

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    All about whats-her-face

    Kathy Burke is one of the most loved British actresses of her generation. She also writes, and directs, and smokes. Having played parts in cult movies and starred in various plays during her early 20s – some of which she wrote – the extraordinarily versatile Kath popped into the nation’s conscious aged 26 when she appeared on TV in Harry Enfield’s Television Show. Playing a variety of comic characters – including perhaps the most memorable: uncouth, chain-smoking, pizza-munching council-estate mother Waynetta Slob – she captivated audiences with her confident brashness and almost joyful willingness ready to appear in an unflattering light. It helped that she was extremely funny. Kathy was…

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    Latest play: Once A Catholic

    The cast of Kathy’s latest play has just been announced. Once A Catholic will be playing at the Tricycle Theatre from 21 November to 18 January 2014. The “raucous comedy”, originally performed in 1977 and written by Mary O’Malley, is set in 1957 and follows a group of Catholic schoolgirls as they take their final exams and discover the world’s forbidden fruits.

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    Kathy Burke in Walking and Talking on Sky Atlantic

    Kathy Burke has a glint in her eye, which suggests she has many a story to tell, but she won’t write her autobiography for love nor money. Daily Post Kathy Burke has a glint in her eye, which suggests she has many a story to tell, but she won’t write her autobiography for love nor money. “I’ve been asked,” says the 48-year-old, who’s just come in from a sneaky fag break. “I just feel we’re inundated with them, you know?” She pauses, then adds: “But I’m also such a lover of books, I so admire the writer, more than anyone else, that it just never appealed to me to write…

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    Kathy comes home: A new sitcom paints a happier picture of Kathy Burke’s childhood

    Her childhood was scarred by cancer and alcoholism, yet ‘Walking and Talking’ paints a happy picture of her youth. The Independent Over the years, publishers have constantly pestered Kathy Burke to write her autobiography. But the actress, writer and director has always rejected their advances, considering such books “money for old rope”. Now, Burke has finally been persuaded – after a fashion. She has scripted Walking and Talking, a delightful new Sky Atlantic comedy about her own childhood. “Walking and Talking is my autobiography,” she confirms. “It’s best to do it that way, rather than spend months writing a book that then ends up in the bargain bucket with all…

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    On the Graham Norton Show

    Kathy Burke appeared on the Graham Norton Show yesterday to plug the new show she’s written called Walking and Talking. The show is based on her childhood in London (“my life at the age of 14, 15, waiting to get into the Anna Scher theatre”) and stemmed from a short piece she wrote last year called Little Crackers – a true story about she and her friend Mary met The Clash and got their autographs. The show also features Kathy herself playing an “angry nun” that is based on her father. “It was a very 60s and 70s upbringing, I had a really rough time but I remember everything with…